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Nuwan Chinthana

Founder & CEO

Prabuddha Srimal

CEO - Ape Panthiya
Lecturer of ICT

Chanux Bro

Software Engineer
Tech Geek

Shafraz Rahim

Senior Business Lead

Chanux Bro

Software Engineer/ Tech Vlogger @ Sinhala Geek Show


Chanux Bro

Chanux is a Software Engineer, Developer and also working as a IT consultant and a social media consultant for several local and international companies.

Today, Chanux Bro is a household name among the tech savvy young because of his ‘Sinhala Geek Show’ segments on YouTube.

He is the creator of the Sinhala Geek Show and ‘Chanux Bro’ the first and only technology review Sinhala Youtube channel in Sri Lanka.

Chanux was recently rewarded with YouTube Silver Creator award for his YouTube channel, "Most Popular YouTuber in Sri Lanka - Edu 2017" and " Most Popular Social Media Personality in Sri Lanka 2017" are some of his other accomplishments.

Shafraz Rahim

Shafraz is a Information Technology practitioner with special interest in the field of Information Technology Management, Technological Innovation and Startups.

He is a product of D.S.Senanayake College and holds a bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems from University of Dublin. Currently reading for his masters degree in Business Administration.

Shafraz is currently employed at Dialog Axiata PLC as an Assistant Manager leading long tail business operations including Ideamart and ISayYouDo developer platforms.

Shafraz Rahim

Senior Business Lead : Ideamart, Dialog Axiata PLC


Prabuddha Srimal

Professional ICT Lecturer
CEO Founder of ApePanthiya ICT Education Systems


Prabuddha Srimal

Mr. Prabuddha Srimal was educated at Mahinda College - Galle, and earned his Degree B.Sc. in Information Technology from Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology and also he earned RedHat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) and CISCO professional certificates.

He is a Lecturer of ICT and also the CEO and Founder of Ape Panthiya ICT Education Systems and has been at the fore of the country’s ICT field since 2007.

Mr. Prabuddha Srimal was one of the pioneers in setting up and running the G.C.E Advanced Level ICT subject and was also the teacher-in-charge of ICT at Thurstan College – Colombo.